By the end of our on-boarding process, it’s our collective desire that every new joiner:

  • believes their human potential is being unleashed.

  • is fully participating, contributing and meeting commitments.

  • feels like they are fully supported and able to do their best work.

  • has found their tribe.

Four different roles contribute to helping new joiners move through their on-boarding:

On-boarding Lead – see role description and current role holder in Sobol https://sobol.io/d/et-group/workspace/AAbsopppBAJ~structure/role/YyaK9VB9AQ/details?view=circles

ETG Way Coach - see role description and current role holders here


Mentor – a temporary role holder is selected by the Lead Link of new joiner’s primary circle

Ideally, the Mentor is an individual with intimate knowledge of the new joiner’s core accountabilities and able to answer tactical questions about day-to-day work. The Mentor’s job is to teach the new joiner directly or guide them to the appropriate person, document or tool. The Mentor’s role continues, at minimum, until the three-month check-in meeting is completed and may continue beyond. Along with the On-boarding Lead and ETG Way Coach, the Mentor is personally responsible for the success of the new joiner’s on-boarding and accountable for raising red flags if successful graduation within 6 months is in question.

Role Buddy – Anyone at ETG, invited by On-boarding Lead

Ideally, the role buddy is a peer to the new joiner, and likely relatively new to ET Group. The role buddy’s job is to be a friend and confidant to the new joiner for their first 8 – 12 weeks at the company, taking an active interest in ensuring the new joiner feels they have found their tribe.

Three activities mark the end of the official on-boarding process:

  1. Completion of a 3-month on-boarding check-in meeting (90 minutes) with the new joiner and the hiring team (talent attractor, LLs of all circles in which the new joiner has a role, on-boarding Lead, Mentor, ETG Way Coach, and others as appropriate) where all participants agree that the new joiner is ready to graduate to a full-fledged team member.

  2. Completion of an on-boarding improvement meeting (60 minutes) with the new joiner, On-boarding Lead, Mentor and ETG Way Coach to make improvements to the on-boarding process for the next new joiner.

  3. Scheduling of a 360 feedback process for approximately six months following start so the new joiner can receive additional input from their colleagues and continue their development.

This process is owned by the On-boarding Lead role

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