Sick Days/Personal Emergency Leave

Personal Emergency Leave is defined as time away from work due illnesses, injuries and medical emergencies for yourself and your family members, including medical appointments. Non-medical appointments and personal wellness days are not eligible, and you’re to use your vacation days instead.

Full-time employees are eligible for 6 paid PEL days and for part-time and contract employees, 6 unpaid PEL days. Every Jan 1st, the PEL days will be topped up to the eligible levels. These PEL days are not to be banked or to be carried over to the next year. If you exhaust your PEL days, then you can use your vacation days or take unpaid days.

Please inform your Lead Link as soon as possible that you are taking a PEL Day. and to record the PEL day in PurelyHR. You may also want to post in Webex Teams to let people know, this allows you to rest and focus on you getting better.

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