Vacation Requests

Decision Maker is the individual requesting time off. If the time off is less than 5 days, they enter it into PurelyHR and the Approver approves it. If it is 5 days or more they will seek advice from everyone impacted by the vacation. With all the advice and perspectives the decision maker has received, they choose what they believe to be the best course of action. Vacation Approver is the person that is required to approve the decision in PurelyHR. It is not up to their discretion to approve or deny a request, it is up to the Decision Maker. It is their responsibility for any impact created by their vacation.

Vacation Request:

  1. The team member is the decision maker

  2. Seeking Advice (if vacation is 5 days or more)

    1. Seek any advice from those impacted by the vacation

    2. Share the request in Webex Teams “Vacation Advice” space

    3. Communicate with Lead Links of the circles that the team member is a part of

  3. The Team member will then decide based on advice that they received

  4. Decision Maker will enter request into Purely HR

  5. Vacation Approver will approve request in PurelyHR.

Any conflicts resulting from the process above can be addressed using the conflict resolution process.

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