To begin, proceed with login to Okta (http://etgroup.okta.com). This tool is used as an application depot associated with a variety of different systems as shown in the figure below. This portal also provides self-service features where in the future should you be having difficulties accessing our systems, participants can test their passwords or even perform password resets.

To begin your collaboration journey with ET Group, login with the username and password provided within the email accompanying this welcome package. Once you have successfully authenticated to the system it is important to first setup your profile including a new password and some personal information about you. To access these settings, select your name from the top banner and select “Settings”.

Within the settings page, please proceed with updating any personal information (where available):

  • Reset your password

  • Add a secondary email address

  • Update your security question

Note: The secondary email and security questions can be used to resetting your password in the future. There is also an option to setup a phone number for text message reset depending on your preference.

Upon completion of this setup you can use the “Home” button to return to the main menu. From within this Home menu all systems ET Group has provided access to will be listed. Upon selection, some of these options will launch web access to the associated system (ie Office 365 & Box). As additional applications are made available by the team they will continue to be added to this list to aid in tracking which systems are being provided and managed by ET Group.

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