Introduction to the ETG Way

The ET Group Way of Working

ET Group is a 45-year-old technology company focused on bringing hybrid experiences to life. Today, it is a thriving business with self-managed teams, industry-leading profitability, a consistent employee net promoter score of 50+, and a shared ownership structure where 75% of the team members now own shares in the organization—but it wasn't always this way.

In 2016, the culture at ET Group needed a revamp. It was time for radical action and we committed to reinventing the way we worked. Through a series of all company sessions, we explored the type of organization we wanted.

The three powerful principles we used to inspire the reinvention of ET Group:

  1. We come alive when we have autonomy, mastery and purpose.

  2. We come alive when we get a fair share of the value we generate.

  3. We come alive when we are invited to bring more of ourselves to work.

Learn more about the ET Group Way of Work in this short introduction video. Watch more videos about our processes and practices in our on-boarding videos.

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