Feedback Escalation Process

One-on-One Feedback ->Facilitated Feedback ->PDST ->FRAP

1: One on One Feedback

When a team member observes something that could help another team member or they feel needs to be changed, they are the Provider. It’s their accountability to speak directly to the other team member, the Recipient. The ETG Way provides several tools, including speaking with an ETG Way Coach, to help anyone give feedback.

2: Facilitated Feedback Session (FFS)

When the one on one feedback hasn’t resolved the issue, the Provider should escalate and reach out to an ETG Way Coach or their Lead Link. The coach will work with the Provider to understand the situation and jointly decide who should participate in the FFS, at a minimum it would be the Provider, Recipient and ETG Way Coach. The ETG Way Coach notifies the appropriate Lead Link and coaches the Provider on how to present the feedback.

During the session, the Provider presents the feedback and the change that they want to see. The Recipient listens, inquires and clarifies the desired outcomes. The desired outcome is documented (with a proposed timeline) and shared with the Provider, Recipient, Lead Link and HR Generalist. This may require additional meetings, it’s up to the coach to ensure this happens in a timely manner. The goal is to ensure that the Recipient truly understands the feedback and the desired outcome.

The ETG Way Coach schedules a check-in call, approximately a month after the document is completed, to understand if the desired outcome has been achieved. If yes, then the issue is closed, if not we can decide to extend the process or close it and escalate to a PDST.

3: Personal Development Support Team (PDST)


If the desired outcomes haven’t happened after the FFS, then the Lead Link meets with an ETG Way Coach to decide if a PDST or a Future Role Advice Process is appropriate. Once it’s agreed that a PDST is the next step, the ETG Way coach helps to document concerns and plans the PDST kickoff meeting. The ETG Way Coach’s role is to support all of the participants, participate in meetings, and keep the process on-track.

In the kickoff meeting the concerns are shared with the Recipient, the process explained and timelines laid out. It’s important that the Recipient has a clear understanding of the required changes. The Recipient, the ETG Way coach and the Lead Link will co-create the Support Plan using the Support Plan Template.

Finalizing the Support Plan:

The Support Plan is final when everyone has signed the document. The final document is forwarded to the HR Generalist for filing and shared with the Lead Links of each of the Recipient's circles.

Completing the PDST:

There are three possible outcomes of the PDST:

  • Everyone who signed the Support Plan agrees that the required definition of completion has been achieved, and it’s closed.

  • Progress is being made, and it is agreed that the timeline will be extended.

  • Progress is insufficient and we proceed to a FRAP.

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