Webex Teams

WebEX Teams is our collaboration platform used to connect team members and immerse in conversations. Although available online typically it is best to download and install the application locally on your machine making your online status visible to others and providing notifications and new messages are arriving for use.

“Spaces” can be created for a variety of reasons, but typical uses include:

  • Active customer engagements – This allows us to organize discussions focused on each engagement along with the team members that are connected for each discussion.

  • Team meetings - Some spaces are focused around team discussions and touch points allowing participants to add in comments or reminders in preparation for upcoming sessions.

Using this method to organize rooms also allows us to integrate with other systems currently in use within ET Group (ie Box) to provide updates to all team participants of activities as they occur. Many of our project spaces are linked to the associated box folders that are currently being used providing a link to the file that has been added/updated. Team members can then access the file(s) using the link to collaborate with their peers where required and stay up to date on the latest activities and information.

Another feature that this platform enables us to perform is to elevate discussions from text chat to Audio/Video calls among their peers. Participants can initiate calls from within any space where some or all members can join for a discussion or share content.

Each team member enabled by ET Group can also schedule and host sessions WebEX sessions with colleagues and customers when required. Please feel free to use the “Meetings” button within a space to schedule meetings providing contact details to all team members or “Schedule a WebEX” within Outlook. Exchange and WebEX have been integrated to share meeting details between the platforms to assist in streamlining this process as much as possible.

For more information on starting to use WebEX teams feel free to review the interface in more detail to assist in navigating the application for the first time.

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