Core Principles

  • ETG’s processes are not democracy- or consensus-based. ETG members impart trust in the system and in role-energizers to be leaders and decision-makers in their roles.

  • Governance hot topics and proposals are grounded in real experiences that have occurred vs. visions/speculations of what “might” occur or “could be better” unless the anticipated risk is significant to the organization as a whole.

  • ETG seeks to find solutions that won’t cause ETG substantial harm or move the organization backwards. This suggests that there will be missteps and mistakes and ETG will learn more, move faster, and be less vulnerable to group-think in support of being the best organization it can be.

  • Each circle practices and expresses its own governance as that circle needs to, given its current context (and within the constraints of available people, monetary resources and circle account-abilities).

  • Participation in the Governance Process is at the discretion of each Circle member. If a member chooses not to attend, or is unavailable and does not ask for the meeting to be rescheduled, that individual is consenting to any decisions made in their absence as being “Good enough for now and safe enough to try”.

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