Accountability, growth, collaboration, and teamwork.


Making commitments we can deliver and delivering on commitments we’ve made
We agree great looks like…
    Owning commitments we’ve made including those in our roles
    Proactively clarifying goals, expectations, timing, roles and responsibilities
    Seeing issues/opportunities and taking ownership/action (per decision making flow chart)
    Adapting, being flexible and being realistic to reach goals
    Appreciating we’re working in an ecosystem and our actions impact others
    Coaching others to see and accept their accountabilities and being open to learning
We agree unacceptable looks like…
    Not communicating when we will miss an accountability
    Blaming and shaming others
    Failing to ask for help
    Overcommitting ourselves or other people
    Making commitments on behalf of others
    Excuse-making versus taking ownership


Building capacity through financial stability, profitability and efficiency
We agree great looks like…
    Standardizing of designs and processes
    Awareness of probability of profitability and being willing to say “No thanks”
    Aligning early on all stakeholders’ goals
    Learning from past projects and experiences
    A willingness to try / adapt to new tools and processes
    Trusting teammates’ work
We agree unacceptable looks like…
    Engaging delivery teams before the scope is finalized
    Creating unrealistic client expectations
    Not being adequately compensated by customers for changes or revisions


Proactively partnering with our clients
We agree great looks like…
    Having shared experiences with clients to understand their needs
    Aligning on key objectives
    Working with clients to develop solutions
    Inviting and listening to multiple stakeholders
    Respecting and honouring each other’s gifts
    Being candid and truthful with our clients
We agree unacceptable looks like…
    Assuming we know our clients’ businesses better than they do and telling them what they need
    Over complicating things and confusing our clients
    Disrespecting or dismissing key client stakeholders
    Overselling clients to maximize profit


Working together from a place of trust, care and respect
We agree great looks like…
    Trusting our teammates
    Being caring, open and compassionate
    Talking to people; knowing when email or text isn’t enough
    Honouring other’s perspectives
    Respecting individual challenges
    Asking “How can I help?”
We agree unacceptable looks like…
    Saying, “It’s not my job!”
    Being selfish and withholding information
    Avoiding and not dealing with interpersonal tensions
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