Harassment & Discrimination

Escalation, Investigation & Discipline Process

At ET Group we value and prioritize diversity, inclusion, and equity.

We do not tolerate discrimination or harassment of any kind, and fully endorses the Ontario Human Rights Code and/or Occupational Health and Safety Act. If a team member’s actions are discriminatory, harassing (sexual, violence or bullying or as outlined in Ontario’s Human Rights Code and Occupational Health and Safety Act ) the matter should be reported to the ET Group HR Generalist and/or to HR Downloads Consulting Services, our third party intake provider.

What happens when an issue is filed?

Step 1: Reporting & Documenting of the issue.

Available resources for reporting matters of harassment and discrimination include speaking to a tension/ETG Way coach, contacting the HR Generalist or reporting the matter to third party, HR Downloads. After the complaint has been remitted, the matter will be documented by all the parties involved. This is the same process whether reported to an internal or external resource.

Harassment Complaint Form

Step 2: Acknowledgement.

If the incident was reported to HR Downloads, a written summary will be forwarded to ET Group’s HR Generalist with a recommendation if the matter should be investigated internally or by LifeWorks (our third-party investigator). Claims received by HR downloads or ET Group will be acknowledged by the HR Generalist in writing. The claimant will receive acknowledgment in writing the matter is being reviewed.

Step 3: Review and Investigation of the Complaint.

An investigation will be conducted and written summary of their findings and recommendations will be made available to the HR Generalist. A written update will also be forwarded to the claimant.

Step 4: Recommendation Review.

ET Group's HR Generalist will review the investigation outcomes and recommendations. Based upon the investigation findings and recommendations, the HR Generalist may seek legal advice, and will provide a recommendation report to the Chief Executive Officer regarding any potential disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

Step 5: Actionable Steps

The Chief Executive Officer is the decision maker. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for determining what actions will be taken. A written summary of the investigation and the decision made will be made available to the claimant.

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