Inclusivity, Diversity, Equality, and Allyship

Committed to Building a Culture of Inclusion and Diversity Together

At ET Group we hold ourselves accountable for creating a meaningfully (and measurably) more inclusive culture. We aspire to be a company that is representative of our customers and community. To help us achieve our diversity inclusion, equality and allyship goals we have a team dedicated to initiatives and objectives that will make a collective impact. ET Group’s IDEA (Inclusivity, Diversity, Equality, and Allyship) Group is committed to nurturing a work environment that is reflective of these values.

Our Strategic Objectives:

Diversity – To improve the representation of the underrepresented within the organization.

Inclusion – To create an inclusive work environment that promotes engagement through awareness and inclusive leadership.

Communications - Ensure the transparency of Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, actions, and outcomes.

Accountability - Hold leadership accountable for Diversity & Inclusion goals and objectives.

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