Salary Advice Process

As a valued member of the ET Group team, you can participate in our Salary Advice Process. This unique approach allows team members to calibrate their own compensation, guided by the input and advice of their peers, and is typically available to team members who have reached their one-year anniversary with ET Group or on an annual basis.

This eliminates the traditional practice of organizations dictating an employee's worth through a rigid salary structure. If at any point you are unsatisfied with your current salary, you have the ability to change it.

To begin the Salary Advice Process, you are encouraged to conduct a self-reflection to determine what salary feels appropriate and to gather justifications for this decision. The feedback you receive from your peers through WorkStory is a crucial component in this process. In addition, we ask that you examine your current compensation, contributions to the company over the past year, market value, and internal comparables. You may want to consider:

  • What’s your current compensation and how did you get to be compensated that way?

  • Why do you feel a change in your compensation is appropriate?

  • To the extent you can, describe and quantify your contribution(s) over the last year (effort & achievement).

  • What achievements are you proud of? Are there areas where you did not achieve what you wanted or what you promised to others/to your team?

  • What evidence do you have/can you find about your market value (What are you and your skills worth on the job market? If you were to leave the company, what job/salary could you get?) You can consider sources such as external and internal comparables, salary surveys, competing offers, former positions, etc.

  • Internal Value. Who are your best internal comparables? Who does a similar job to you, has similar skills to you, or provides similar value as you do? Ask an advisor to collect salary information related to those comparators (ex. ranges, averages, but not names).

  • Based on your self-assessment, what compensation are you considering? What is the % increase?

Once you have completed your self-reflection, you should inform the HR Generalist that you are seeking salary advice. At this point, you will also select your Salary Advisors from the Salary Advice team.

Typically, 5 advisors participate in the process. One advisor is your Lead Link. Consider selecting at least 3 advisors who have extensive knowledge in this process.

The role of the salary advisors is to provide guidance and support as you navigate the Salary Advice Process. This may include reflecting on your proposed salary and justifications, gathering insights from your Lead Link, and providing radically candid advice for you to consider.

The HR Generalist opens a Webex Teams Channel, notifies the Salary Advice Group, and shares your WorkStory feedback. You have the liberty to present your proposed salary and supporting rationale in a thorough virtual face-to-face meeting or a carefully crafted document. In either scenario, the salary advisors will engage with you and ask any questions they may have.

The group will reflect on the proposal and meet with your Lead Link to share their insights and gather advice. It's important to note that the intention of this meeting is to share information, not to reach consensus. Each member of the Salary Advice Group will provide radically candid advice for the team member to consider.

Ultimately, the decision on the new salary is up to you. You may choose to follow the advice provided or stick with your original proposal. However, please note that if your self-set salary deviates significantly from the advice of your peers, there may be a tension (see Interpersonal Tension Resolution Process). Radical candor is practiced throughout the process to ensure fairness and transparency for all team members.

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