Future Relationship Advice Process - FRAP
ET Group’s Future Relationship Advice Process (FRAP) is initiated whenever a Lead Link identifies a problem or opportunity that might end with an individual departing the company if an alternative option to departure cannot be found. The first step for a Lead Link is to engage an ETG Way coach for guidance in using this process effectively. Alternative options could include behaviour changes, role clarifications, role changes, compensation changes, or any other creative solution that addresses the problem or opportunity to the satisfaction of all involved. For the purpose of clarity, we’ll call the individual at the center of the FRAP the FRAP Participant.
A FRAP is initiated by the Lead Link of the circle where the majority of the FRAP Participant’s work is represented after consulting any other impacted Lead Links. The purpose of the FRAP is to provide the FRAP Participant with an opportunity to seek advice about future possible relationships that could exist with ET Group. This process exists to maintain the psychological safety of both the FRAP Participant and the initiating Lead Link, and to help each of them appropriately manage the situation in the context of the freedom<>responsibility balance that exists within ET Group’s way of working.
If you have questions about the FRAP process, you can contact anyone energizing an ET Group Way Coach role.
Instructions for the initiating Lead Link:
  1. 1.
    Choose a Peer Mentor: As a first step, choose a Peer Mentor to provide you with guidance and a sounding board through the process. The Peer Mentor should also be someone who is not likely to be selected by the FRAP Participant as an Advisor (see RAP for information about the Advisor role).
  2. 2.
    Determine Transition Package: You and your Peer Mentor then engage the HR Generalist role to determine details of a transition package before deciding to proceed further.
  3. 3.
    Meet with the FRAP Participant: Plan this conversation with your Peer Mentor to make sure it contains the following elements (and that it is delivered with compassionate candor):
    1. 1.
      Tell the FRAP Participant that you are initiating the Future Relationship Advice Process.
    2. 2.
      Share your reasons for initiating the FRAP, acknowledge that you may have a limited view of the FRAP Participant’s impact and contribution and that, if the FRAP Participant chooses to pursue a Role Advice Process, you will participate as a fair-minded Advisor to their RAP taking the perspectives of all their other Advisors (which you don’t yet have access to) into consideration alongside your own.
    3. 3.
      Bring with you a copy of this document and the Transition Package for your FRAP Participant and walk them through both documents to help them understand their options for next steps.
  4. 4.
    Document the meeting with an email (that day, if possible): Follow-up the conversation with an email to the FRAP Participant that contains the following elements (and that is written with compassionate candor), and cc ET Group’s HR Generalist role:
    1. 1.
      A statement that you met with the FRAP Participant to initiate their FRAP.
    2. 2.
      Attach a link to this FRAP document with a reminder for the FRAP Participant to review the FRAP Participant steps.
    3. 3.
      Remind the FRAP Participant of the FRAP’s due date, which is 14 calendar days from the initial meeting with the FRAP Participant.
  5. 5.
    Participate as an Advisor: If the FRAP Participant decides to initiate a RAP, you must participate as an Advisor including:
    1. 1.
      Offering your perspective(s) and reason(s) for initiating the FRAP.
    2. 2.
      Considering/listening/learning from the perspectives of all other Advisors, and
    3. 3.
      Being fair-minded when you decide whether (or not) to give consent to the FRAP Participant’s RAP proposal.
Instructions for the FRAP Participant:
There are two steps you need to take as a FRAP Participant. Details of these two steps follow below.
Step 1: Choose a Peer Mentor to support you, then:
Step 2: Decide if you would like to:
  • Complete a Role Advice Process over the upcoming 14 days;
  • or Decide to exit the company.
  1. 1.
    Choose a Peer Mentor: Understandably, it can feel uncomfortable being asked to enter into a FRAP. The process exists to provide you with time, options and a voice. The result of the FRAP could be staying with the company and finding more success than ever before. To help you along the way, you will need a Peer Mentor to support you. Choose someone who can provide guidance and encouragement through your process (note: the ET Group Way Coaches have experience with situations like this and would make great Peer Mentors. So would others who have been through the process as a FRAP Participant). Choose someone you trust to be both candid and supportive, someone who knows the steps, and can help you process the feedback/advice you get from others. It’s best if your mentor is not also an Advisor (see RAP for information about the Advisor role).
  2. 2.
    Decide whether you choose to do a Role Advice Process (RAP) or exit the company. At this stage you have two choices:
    A. Role Advice Process: If you choose to initiate a RAP, simply follow the RAP steps with guidance/assistance from your Peer Mentor. When completing a RAP inside the context of a FRAP, the following Special Conditions apply:
    1. 1.
      Completing the RAP is your top priority: If you choose to enter into a RAP (which is your freedom), it becomes your responsibility to make the process your #1 priority, including seeking advice and making a role-proposal that gains consent of your Advisors. There are no limits to the creativity and content of this proposal but here are some examples:
      • A proposal to stay in the same role, with a clear agreement and accountability plan to improve your contribution.
      • A proposal to stay in the same role and change your compensation.
      • A proposal to change aspects of your role (or entirely change it) to a role and/or team where you can make a greater contribution.
      • Create greater clarity among your Advisors about your contribution(s) by exposing your Advisors to one another’s perspective(s) via the RAP and, therefore, your current role continues without major changes.
      • A decision to exit the company, with an extended working transition that mutually benefits you, your team, and the company.
      • A decision to exit the company immediately so you can find a role that’s a better fit.
    2. 2.
      The RAP Proposal Timeline is limited to 14 calendar days. Within the context of a FRAP, all involved parties (you, your colleagues, and the company) need clarity about the future direction of your role as soon as possible while giving you a reasonable time to work through the process. Because you have been given the freedom to make the RAP your #1 priority, it is your responsibility to gain consent for your RAP proposal within 14 days of the date your FRAP was initiated. Keep in mind: initial proposals can require changes as Advisors respond and give feedback. Governance processes may also be required. Plan your time accordingly.
    3. 3.
      RAP Advisors must include individuals filling roles significantly impacted by your proposal.
    4. 4.
      A transition package must be agreed to, and a release signed before the RAP begins: If you wish to initiate the RAP, you must first agree on your transition package and sign a Release. ET Group’s HR Generalist is available to review this documentation with you.
    5. 5.
      The RAP Process is concluded when a proposal is documented, all necessary Governance is complete, and the associated documentation is provided to the HR Generalist role. This document might include trial periods and/or associated transition timelines.
    B. Exit the company: At any time after a FRAP has been initiated, as the FRAP Participant, you may choose to take a transition package and exit the company. You can either make this choice right away, or can decide to do so at any point during the FRAP. Details about the transition package are included in the section FAQ below. If, as the receiver, you are unable to gain consent for your RAP proposal during the FRAPs 14 days, your employment with ET Group will be terminated in accordance with company practice and the applicable Employment Standards.
Answers to questions you may have
Can a Lead Link initiate the FRAP for anyone in their circle at any time? Yes. The role of a Lead Link is to ensure their circle is appropriately resourced at all times to fulfill that circle’s purpose. If a problem or opportunity arises and the Lead Link believes different roles or skill sets are required, they can initiate a FRAP.
What if I am a FRAP Participant and I don’t agree with the initiating Lead Link’s feedback? The initiating Lead Link has given you a gift by sharing their perspective; however, you too have a voice in the process. Start the RAP, gather the most candid advice you can get from all your advisors, and make a proposal that everyone can consent to.
Must feedback be given before a FRAP is initiated? No. Feedback is not required prior to initiating a FRAP. Of course, feedback is strongly advised and encouraged before a FRAP begins. At times a FRAP is initiated because attempts at giving feedback have been made but the feedback is not being heard or acted upon. In such a case, the FRAP itself is a form of feedback and gives the FRAP Participant the opportunity to gather further feedback from Advisors.
Further, there are times when the changing economic conditions of the company simply no longer support a certain role. In these cases, feedback prior to a FRAP likely does not make sense.
What is a transition package? A transition package is the financial support offered by the company to help the FRAP Participant transition to a role at another company. ET Group’s HR Generalist works with an external legal firm on all transition packages to ensure consistency and compliance with Employment Standards.
Does the 14 Days to work on my RAP count as part of my Transition Package? No. You will be paid to work on your Role Advice Process in addition to any amount offered for a transition package. This is one way we try to maximize BOTH freedom AND responsibility within The ET Group Way. The possibility exists for you to create a successful proposal, remain with the company and become a top contributor – so there is a mutual benefit in giving the FRAP Participant time to complete the RAP without impacting the transition package.
Can someone still take a transition package if they self-initiate a RAP? No. A transition package is only offered in the situation where an initiating Lead Link follows the steps above and requests a FRAP Participant begin the FRAP. Since the FRAP Participant has the freedom to refuse to do a Role Advice Process, the transition package is the FRAP Participant’s alternative option. Note: It is also the company’s legal responsibility under Employment Standards to provide the FRAP Participant with a transition package in this situation.
Can the 14 day timeline be extended? Maybe. Completing a FRAP should be the FRAP Participant’s #1 priority. If the FRAP Participant has made every effort to prioritize the process and it’s looking like an acceptable proposal is emerging, the impacted Lead Links may choose to extend the timeline up to 7 more calendar days to provide sufficient time to finalize and adopt the proposal.
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