Future Relationship Advice Process - FRAP

A Future Relationship Advice Process (FRAP) is initiated whenever a Lead Link identifies a problem or opportunity that might end with the team member departing the company if an alternative option to departure cannot be found.

Here are the main steps for ET Group's Future Relationship Advice Process (FRAP):

Instructions for the Initiating Lead Link:

  1. Engage an ETG Way Coach for guidance on using the FRAP process effectively.

  2. Engage the HR Generalist to obtain details of a transition package before proceeding further.

  3. Meet with the FRAP Participant to inform them of the process, share reasons for initiating it, and walk them through the FRAP document and the transition package.

  4. Document the meeting with an email and remind the FRAP Participant of the proposal due date. The due date is typically 5 to 7 calendar days after the initial meeting.

  5. Participate as an Advisor if the FRAP Participant decides to initiate a Role Advice Process.

Instructions for the FRAP Participant:

  1. Decide whether to complete the FRAP or take the transition package and exit the company (you have 2 days to decide).

  2. If you choose to complete the FRAP, this will be your top priority. Seek advice, and make a role-proposal that gains consent of your Advisors. There are no limits to the creativity and content of this proposal.

The FRAP is designed to maintain the psychological safety of both the FRAP Participant and the initiating Lead Link, and to help each of them appropriately manage the situation within the context of ET Group’s way of working. If you have questions about the FRAP process, you can contact an ETG Way Coach.

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