ETG Way Handbook

Working Remotely

Work From Anywhere

Remote working gives us the freedom to do our jobs anywhere in the world. It allows us to spend more time with loved ones, eliminate lengthy commute times, save money, reduce stress, increase productivity, and so much more.

Communicate Asynchronously

Real-time communication can make it hard to focus and make it difficult to make meaningful progress on our work. It can also lead to constant interruptions which drains morale. Our focus is on sending messages and not expecting an immediate response. Asynchronous communication leads to more control over our work-days, higher quality communication, better planning, less stress, and deeper work becoming the default.

Personal Office Hours Over "Always Available"

“Because someone is working remote, that means they are always available to answer my requests?” Just because someone works from home, doesn’t mean they can answer questions at any time. It’s is important that remote team members create worktimes that allow for work-life separation at home.

Look at Actual Work Over Butts in Seats

Everyone gets work done in different ways. We look at the actual work done over whether team members were online from 9 to 5.

Participating in Virtual Team Building Activities

Distributed teams come with the challenges of limited chances to meet up in real life. We have adopted a number of proactive methods to create greater personal connections. We have a number of virtual spaces that allow us to hang out, socialize, and bond.

In-Person Meet Ups are Just as Important

We value the chance to meet up and spend time with each other in real life. We host team connects and events that help everyone get connected, create strong relationships, and most importantly have fun.

Creating a Foundation of Trust

We don’t believe in employee monitoring and tracking tools designed to keep a watchful eye on your activities. We believe in building a powerful foundation of trust that fosters an environment where team members feel full supported by their colleagues and the organization.