ETG Way Handbook

What is Self-Management?

At ET Group, we believe that our teammates can be trusted, they will make decisions and take responsibility in order to help achieve our collective goals. We share information, we hold each other accountable and we find ways to solve problems, without relying on a “manager” to do things for us or tell us what to do. It doesn’t mean we don’t ask for help or seek advice when we need it.
We are structured in self-organizing circles, rather than the top-down authority in the typical hierarchical corporate model.
This distribution of authority ensures that those responsible for completing work are given the authority to decide how that work should be carried out. According to proponents, holacracies lead to greater efficiency, agility, transparency, accountability, employee engagement and innovation.
To be effective, the roles, responsibilities and expectations for group members are clearly defined in a tool called Sobol, but remain flexible.
Individuals perform in one or more roles on behalf of the organization. Roles are part of self-organizing circles which may be overlapping, separate or contained inside other circles within the larger circle of the overall organization. Each individual in a role is the leader for that area of authority and the follower of those roles in circles he is involved in. Circles are self-governing; they assign roles and are accountable for their areas within the organization.