360° Review
AT ET Group, we embrace feedback as gift, the 360 process helps us each learn about our personal strengths, and invites us to explore areas where we can improve. The 360 process is meant to be undertaken annually by each person who energizes a role at ETG.
The 360 process should happen annually on the anniversary of our start date with ETG and the HR Generalist will remind us, think of it as a way to celebrate with the "gift" of feedback It should be done separately from the Salary Process. The 360 Feedback process is not intended to be the only feedback process at ETG, feedback should be given frequently and received with gratitude.
It's up to each of us to initiate the process, you decide who provides feedback (givers), it’s recommended that you ask people who you work with the most, those who are impacted by your work and each of the Lead Links of the circles where you energize roles.
If you are invited to be a giver, please take the time to do this, it's important to each of us and to the health of ETG. Remember that this is the time to say what needs to be said, people can't make change unless they know what to work on. After filling in the feedback form you should feel "I have said the most important things, clearly and respectively".
Here's a brief video with some tips for completing the 360 Feedback form:
https://www.loom.com/share/616784b1b3d245f99a17550e6f0085ee Here's a link to a helpful article in how to provide tough feedback.
We use Survey Monkey for the process and the HR Generalist can help you with the process. The givers can decide if they want the feedback to be anonymous or not. Here''s a link to the survey:
Once all the feedback has been given you select someone as your Feedback Explorer, this can be one of the ETG Way Coaches or someone you trust. Together you can explore what the feedback is telling you, what’s missing and identity any next steps you want to pursue. If you are invited to be a Feedback Explorer and this is your first time, please contact the individual energizing the "360 Feedback Process Owner” Role for advice and guidance.
The feedback is between you, your Feedback Explorer and each of the Lead Links for the circles where you energize roles, if you want to share feedback it can be posted in your Sobol profile.
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