Personal Performance Improvement Plan
An individual engages in the Personal Performance Improvement Plan process after receiving feedback that they are falling short on their role accountabilities, isn’t living up to ETG’s values or otherwise would benefit from further development. The request to complete a Personal Performance Improvement Plan can come from anyone on the team. The request usually follows the completion of a 360 feedback process, the Interpersonal Tension Resolution Process or a request by the Lead Link of one of the individual’s circles. Completing a PPIP is optional.
    Initiate: When requested by a colleague, an individual begins the process by completing a draft PPIP using the PPIP template within one week of receiving the request.
    Finalizing the PPIP: Once a draft is completed, it is provided to the Lead Links of each of the individuals circles (any circle where the individual is energizing a role) and the individual who requested the PPIP. Over two to three days, through conversation and iteration, the PPIP is solidified. The PPIP is final when the individual, all Lead Links and the requester have signed the document. The final document is forwarded to the HR Generalist role for filing.
Completing the PPIP: The individual completes the PPIP as agreed within the document. The PPIP is complete when everyone who signed the original document agrees that the required definition of completion has been achieved.
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