Expense Reimbursement Process
Expense Reimbursement Process for Lead Links on Super Circle
  • Expenses will be prepared on a monthly basis.
  • Lead Links should submit all receipts to the Business Coordinator by the last working day of the month.
  • Completed and approved expense reimbursements will be submitted to Finance by the end of business day, 15th of the month.
Preparing your receipts:
  • Ensure all amounts on receipts are legible
  • Ensure the date can be clearly read – CIRCLE the date field for easy identification
  • Indicate on the receipt the purpose of the expense, names of attendees, etc.
Submitting Receipts:
  • Scan/Take picture of receipt; Forward any email/PDF receipts as necessary. Attach as many receipts as possible to each email.
  • Email receipts to Business Coordinator ([email protected]) – Subject line: Expenses for reimbursement
Preparation of Expense form:
  • Business Coordinator will transcribe receipts into the ETG Expense Form
  • Completed expense form will be returned to Lead Link for review, completion of missing information
  • Lead Link will return confirmed expense report back to Business Coordinator for CEO review and approval
Submitting Approved Expense for reimbursement:
  • Business Coordinator will send approved and signed expense form, with corresponding receipts, to George Lund, cc’ing the Lead Link
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