Expense Reimbursement Process
Expense Reimbursement Process for Lead Links on Super Circle
    Expenses will be prepared on a monthly basis.
    Lead Links should submit all receipts to the Business Coordinator by the last working day of the month.
    Completed and approved expense reimbursements will be submitted to Finance by the end of business day, 15th of the month.
Preparing your receipts:
    Ensure all amounts on receipts are legible
    Ensure the date can be clearly read – CIRCLE the date field for easy identification
    Indicate on the receipt the purpose of the expense, names of attendees, etc.
Submitting Receipts:
    Scan/Take picture of receipt; Forward any email/PDF receipts as necessary. Attach as many receipts as possible to each email.
    Email receipts to Business Coordinator ([email protected]) – Subject line: Expenses for reimbursement
Preparation of Expense form:
    Business Coordinator will transcribe receipts into the ETG Expense Form
    Completed expense form will be returned to Lead Link for review, completion of missing information
    Lead Link will return confirmed expense report back to Business Coordinator for CEO review and approval
Submitting Approved Expense for reimbursement:
    Business Coordinator will send approved and signed expense form, with corresponding receipts, to George Lund, cc’ing the Lead Link
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