Advice Process
When using the Advice Process, the decision steward becomes the decision owner. They must seek advice from (i) people who will be affected by the decision and (ii) people who can bring expertise to the decision.
Once the advice has been collected, the decision owner makes and then communicates the decision.
Example: In determining how to structure Team Connect meetings, the meeting facilitator will seek advice from meeting participants for content and other facilitators for structure. Ultimately, s/he owns the decision for how the meeting is structured.

The Detailed Process

Step 1

In the Advice Process, the decision steward becomes the decision owner. We’ve found that trust is integral for an Advice Process to be successful. We each need to trust that our colleagues leading an Advice Process will make good decisions in the best interest of the collective, with input being sought when appropriate.

Step 2

In launching an Advice Process, the decision owner is responsible for advising those affected by the decision and anyone who can bring expertise. This should be done via email or in Teams, providing context as well as stating any biases s/he has coming into the process.

Step 3

After seeking input, the decision owner is trusted to proceed in a way they feel is best for ET Group. They do not need to act on all the advice they receive. Seeking approval or announcing their decision in advance of acting is not required.

Step 4

For small decisions, one or two additional perspectives may be all that’s needed. At times, advice from external advisers or industry experts may be appropriate. Diversity of thought and opinion is important when selecting others to provide advice.

Step 5

Once a decision is made, the decision owner is responsible for sharing the decision with those who provided advice and those impacted by the decision. We’ve found this to be especially important when the decision owner chooses a path that diverges from one or more pieces of advice. It’s part of closing the loop with our colleagues. For decisions impacting a larger group, we communicate the decision using the Decision Log Space on Teams.
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